Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Creating a Side Scrolling Game - By Noah

WALT: creating a side scrolling game

First is to pick a character then head into the first mission. When you head in the mission you have to find two babies in each mission. There is a safe cabin at the end of each mission so you have to fine each one of the babies. When your on the last mission and you found the two babies and you are heading for the cabin there is a boss were the cabin is. When you destroyer the boss then you complete the mission.

Noah Holiday Highlight

Last year in the Holiday on wednesday and friday I went to my nanas and papas because my mum and dad went to a party. And no kids allowed so my dad drop me and my little sister to nanas and papas but when I got there I sow my cousin there too and they had their ps3 but the only had black ops2 and black ops. So we played black ops 2 inside of black ops because black ops 2 is way better then black ops.

When we were on the game playing black ops 2 the mode we were play was zombies. then after zombies we went to go and and eat and the food was eggs and toast. After we eat we went back on the game but this time we did a 1v1 on multiplayer sniper only and the point go up to 30.

When we started I had good start because when we started I shot through the wall and into his head then when it 11 o’clock then my cousin had to go home then I had to go too. But when I got home I went online to meet my cousin again.