Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Noah how to make a weekend fun

This is a presentation is going to show what you weekend can be or how fun it could be.

Noah Simple and compound sentences.

This presentation will show about writing.This show you how to write sentences In a simple way or if you like to add more details a compound way.When your using a simple it's almost like the main idea of what you planing of writing.But a Compound sentence is like add more too what your writing or should I say to make your sentence sound more better.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Noah:Keta of knowledge poster.

This photo is showing My created post drawing for the keta of knowledge.What I have drawn is a little basket I called the knowledge of brave.  

Noah:What a disaster presentation.

This Presentation will show you to always make sure you be careful with crude oil.There are a lot of reason why you should never ever spill crude oil in the sea it's because sea birds most of the time fly down then there find themselves getting stuck.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Noah Ikan test blog post

This term My group Named Tapawha We did a Ikan test not that long ago Then we we finish tapawha and miss Tele'a went to go on our results and went to go checked were we went well and were we need more work on.They were all hard for us all but I think that the one that we all really struggle on was place value But I still think that we all did every well on the place value for our age but I think even more that we can go even higher to the year 6-7 level.So now my goal is now to learn the place value and if I do another Ikan test I'll be ready for it and I beat I would really get up to year 6-7.I want to make sure that next time I do a ikan test i'm 100 present ready for the ikan test.