Friday, 8 April 2016


Yesterday all of pt England school had a Fiafia. Lots of people were their but when I got there it was like lots of people were still coming in but when it hit 6pm their were lots and lots of people their.And also was the time to go to our changing room my was senior hip hop so my class room was in room 17 our clothes we had to perform in was a Checker shirt, black pants, and black or white shoes.Now all we had to do was to wait tell 7pm because that is when the Fiafia and when we had to sit down and then that was when the Fiafia started the first group was the Kapa Haka was first they were great at dancing and I hope that they had fun.Then next was the band and it's like they were playing was like old songs or songs that lots of people know.Now was the group that had all the classic song and moves it was my group the senior hip hop group we had some funny dancers in there like Me, John, and Simon.I was hoping that people like our group and I hope that they like it to now it is time for the dragon dance and the China dance.First was the dragon dance then it went the Chinese dance they were dance good and hope they had fun.Next up was the Tonga group was up next they were very loud and nosey and they sound very proud of them sells.2 to last group was the samoa group I very like 100/100 because that is my country and cultures.And now the last group was the cook island drums and dancing.First was the cook island drums then it went to the dancing and one thing was funny was that the teachers was dancing up there as well and a another man ran up there and dances also.I really like this year Fiafia because there was lots and lots of good groups, dancing, and songs like the samoa song,junior hip hop and the cook island drums I really like that night and I wish that I can do it again I like Fiafia I like pt England school and I like my country and cultures also my favourite group was all the hip hop then samoa then cook island drms and dancing and tonga. Then my last one would be senior samoa group I love pt England school because the BEST!!! in the world and I just really like this school and the teachers as well.

Friday, 1 April 2016


Room 3 is learning about Identity that is like telling someone about your felling and what you care about.An other thing about Identity is that you also can hear what someone else has to say about there Identity or something about there felling.Two more things you should know about Identity is that do you have a half of Identity witch is like one half is about your good felling and the other is about your bad felling.One last thing you should know about your Identity is that it means it is all about your life and it is all about you.