Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Noah introduction to statistical investigations

Today I finish a presentation called introduction to statistical investigation.This presentation is about PPDAC It means p: problem p:plan d:data a:analyse c:Conclusions.Now i'm going to tell you all about PPDAC  p:problem problem is like something having trouble with something P:plan planing is the next step of how to solve the problem D:data is information that you can finding things. A:analysis is like finding out all information you have and putting them together And last C: conclusions conclusion is the final step to finding your final answer to your massive or small problem and that is My presentation for this week Finding Information.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Noah word problems

 This is a presentation called word problems it easy at the start but it will get harder at the end.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Jelly bean challenge

Today my class was learning about Technological process all we did was to make something out of tooth picks and jelly beans all we had to make was a box or something that can hold a book that was the challenge.So first we have to brainstorm ideas to work out how to do this challenge also we had to get in a group of five in order to do this.Then we research to find some ideas of how to make it or how you think it was going to work.After that we and to plan and design that was most of the easy part all we have to do was to find out how much stick and jelly beans we had to use in order to make this work.Last the fun part we have to build or create what we had in mine and hope that we had done it right and also make sure it works.And for the final we put it into the test to see if it works and it really works we got 1st place in the challenge our creation won the challenge all we did was made it big and wide but Not high also we add more then one tooth pick just to hold it we use two because more the tooth pick more the success in our project.