Friday, 18 August 2017


Hi my name is Noah this is a photo oh my profile my profile says what i want to do for my family and for me My family is my dad dream I have to become in the all blacks because that's what? my dad wants to be but he got Injured in a training now he can't play rugby so I'm going to take over and then after that i'm going to become a famous you tuber.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Christian and Noah.I I wonder questions

This presentation is about All me and Christian question about our solar system.This will show some of our questions and answers to what? we think about our galaxy.Like what is the moon made out of, is the American flag still on the moon because it's could be old or it could be broken down.There is also does the moon affect the Earth and it really does how it affects is that the moon gravity pulls on Earth's oceans and distorts them causing tides and More.

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Today my group cookies was making pencil holders so we don't lose anymore pencil.But these are just any pencil holders we are going to make different types of pencil holders.First we have to make sure it works so we need to make a model of the project then that's when the designing comes in we can put all or different design for the cup holders our group desire on making is EMOJI faces then once that's done we can just add more design.Most of our team came up with other ideas.After that we should be all done then maybe if we finish to fast we can make something Elsa but pencil holders is what we all came up with first so we have to make pencil holders.

Friday, 9 June 2017

My teams creation

Today Me and my group Cookies are going to be making a Cup holders for the pt England school for all our pencil and so we all have pencil too use and we don't lose anymore or try to steal any pencil.Were going to make a pencil maker because everyone at school is always fighting for pencil so were going to make a pencil holder or a pencil cup to put all the pencils inside all we need is paper, and something to make the cup in and next is paint then it's going to be design after that it is all finish make sure you tell us what your ideas is.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Today i'm going to share all about my I KAN TEST.My I KAN Test i got like a 20 out of 40 all together what i'm going to say about my score is that i did pretty well for this year because I got an 8 for the last year but now I get the last one now that I'v been learning a lot from miss tele'a and all of the teachers inT team 5 now with there help i'v mange to get higher then I got before but you know what I always say we can go even higher.My next goal next in college is to make sure  to pass my tests with the teachers help I think i'll pass college and move on.Al it takes is to work hard and never give up because you give up you will fail your test so make the most of it and work very hard.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Noah introduction to statistical investigations

Today I finish a presentation called introduction to statistical investigation.This presentation is about PPDAC It means p: problem p:plan d:data a:analyse c:Conclusions.Now i'm going to tell you all about PPDAC  p:problem problem is like something having trouble with something P:plan planing is the next step of how to solve the problem D:data is information that you can finding things. A:analysis is like finding out all information you have and putting them together And last C: conclusions conclusion is the final step to finding your final answer to your massive or small problem and that is My presentation for this week Finding Information.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Noah word problems

 This is a presentation called word problems it easy at the start but it will get harder at the end.