Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Noah.I:Statistics and probability

My name is Noah this presentation is about somethings that can be possible or impossible.Also there are things like likely unlikely and chance this presentation also tells these things as well.Let me give you an example possible:means things that you do for a example things that you do can be possible some people say it might be possible if you believe well don't do that because it either possible or not.

Next is Impossible:Impossible is when you likely want to do something but It can't be possible if that makes sense.Another thing about Impossible is that if you want to jump off a tall tower it's Impossible to survive And I'm pretty sure No one can survive a fall. Now the next one is Likely:Likely is something that might happened like possible but possible it can happened but likely is something that MIGHT happened chocolate you might likely have chocolate everyday if that makes sense or if you have another resin then yeah. Second to last is unlikely:

Now Unlikely mostly means things might not happened or just sometimes your just not going to get what you want like pretend your a little kid then if you wanted a 5,000 two remote control car but your mum or dad doesn't have the money then you might think that your family will never get the money to buy what you want so that's what unlikely is about.Now last is Chance: Chance is about you even a second go on something or having a second chance of doing something good like Example if you wanted to go to jump world but you just don't have enough money then you would have a next CHANCE to get more money so you can go I think that's what chance means if not then I don't know or I forgot.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Noah.I Flounder blog Post

Today on Wednesday it was 8:30 I quickly got to class and the hole of team 5 had to sit in the street for something spaciest that we were going to.The hole school had to meet at the courts to make sure that everyone was there to head to water at the reserve just pass Riki road.Everyone was ready to start the walk we left at 9:00 the junior group or class went first then the seniors went last we had to go in our classes but some people just like to skip their class and join there friends.The walk we had wasn't so bad it wasn't so long so everyone didn't get sow legs and everyone got there safely.The walk was like a 2 minute walk maybe less but who knows it could of been more Next after the walk we had to walk on the grass it was a bit muddy but it wasn't too muddy also we can see all the people in the water already started to get the flounder I think it's a type of fish maybe it is.We were only there for a minute and a half I don't know all I know is that it was short like we went there sang 2 waiata and did a karakia for those who are helping getting flounder for us also Tyson was down there helping as well.Now after that we started to head back but instead the seniors left first this time because we were at the back so we had to leave first and i'm pretty sure that The walk back was a lot faster then to the place maybe because we left first the walk to the reserve wasn't really bad but it was pretty boring because it was short.After we finish walking back from the reserve everyone went to there classes and got back to our work then there was only an hour left until morning tea.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Noah.I My Ikan test results

My name is Noah.I This photo is about my IKAN test I will be sharing you just the places that I have improved on I have improved on number sequence next I have improved on is my basic facts and my fractions has gone better but still need work on it.The last one is place values That's the one that I need help the most but I'm trying to work it out my self this is my IKAN test results.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Team 5 speech Finals

On Friday there was a team five speech finals.Everyone had sit down in two straight lines in the street.The number of students that had to present at the speech finals was 15 students three from each class.One of the speeches that I like was David F his one was about music saying that he wanted for the school to let students play music while learning. another one I like was Danial her one was about her dad taking drugs and how it's not good for you and how her dad past away that was like my grand dad he past away doing drugs and drinking was so sick that he died.Another one that I think i really like well I can't name them I thought that all of them were good I really liked all of them they were good that I couldn't decide which one was best.All the students that presented there speech were great they were very good. Danial one was sad because it reminds me of my grand dad.

Thursday, 24 August 2017