Thursday, 10 December 2015

hoilday highlight

Last year in the Holiday on wednesday and friday I went to my nanas and papas because my mum and dad went to a party. And no kids allowed so my dad drop me and my little sister to nanas and papas but when I got there I sow my cousin there too and they had their ps3 but the only had black ops2 and black ops. So we played black ops 2 then black ops 1.

When we were on the game playing black ops 2 the mode we were play was zombies. then after zombies we went to go and eat and the food was eggs and toast. After we eat we went back on the game but this time we did a 1v1 on multiplayer sniper only and the point go up to 30.

When we started I had good start because when we started I shot through the wall and into his head then when it 11 o’clock then my cousin had to go home then I had to go too. But when I got home I went online to meet my cousin again.

chocolate game

Today what happened we had a chocolate game for mr s first day back to school.The chocolate game was a good way to bring mr s welcome back to pt england school so to do that we had to started a chocolate game.Then he told as the rules to start off the game of chocolate then when he has told as the rules we can start.

Firstly we had to start off by rolling the dice if we get a six then we have to get the hat and the scarf.Then we had to quickly eat the chocolate as fast as we can but if someone else hits a 6 then he or she comes in and the one in gets out.And there is a way to not let them eat some is to roll the dice as quickly as you can and if you hit a six.Now when everyone was trying there hard to get a six when the person is eating all the chocolate.Now it was close there only 4 chocolate left and the one who ate it all was zack and then the game end.

camp bentzon

The last weekends the year 6 of pt england school went on camp bentzon on kawau island.To be able to come on to camp bentzon kawau island is you need to get you things and be at the school on time.And when you make it on time with the bags you left the after day you get everyone bags and take it to the bus ready for us to get ready to get to kawau island.Bye the time that we have pack the bags we got on the bus but there was no chirs left on the bus so there was two bus for the hole rist of us to fit in and the teacher and adults.then now every thing is load up we were ready to go to sandspit to get on the boat.Ready for the time we got on the boat but first  we ate something first the boat gets here and also that there ather people on the boat ready to go home we group off the old man who lives in a little island then we went to kawau island to group someone els.


What I did last weekend I went to rainbow end for my sister birthday.Who was there was my sister friends and my aunty. I was so excited because I have not been there tell I was 5 years old.When I got there I was very excited when we parked up the lined was so long it went to the road but lucky that my aunty was close to were we had to get our tickets from and one more thing that rainbow end look defend then the last time I went there and that was a long time I have been to rainbow ends.Then what happen next was that we were in side to get our tickets then we went inside and the first ride I went on is the new ride but the ride I really wont to go on is the go-kart because I wont to see what it fill like to dive.Then the next ride is the Fair fall I fell like it wont be scared but then when you come down it fell like you are going to keep  falling then you  fit the ground you slow down and one thing is that it was the 2nd scared ride I had yet.Then we were going to a fun ride and that was bumper boats then we went home I had fun because iv not been there for a long time.