Thursday, 7 December 2017

Noah Time for desimals

 Today I have posted time for decimals It's a presentation learning all about Decimals.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


 This writing recount is about the big news last week on Saturday between TONGA VS ENGLAND I don't know how but England mange to beat Tonga but might be recalled a rematch from the final try in the last second one of the England player strip the ball but it was recalled a knock on so that's how Tonga lost the score was 18/20 to England it was a really good game but sadly Tonga mange again to lose.This writing I did was to talk about the lose Of Tonga and a little bit of writing in my own words telling the Tongan to be who they are and how good they can be or how good they already are.They need  show that they are the best team So this is to the Tongans Never give up, always believe in yourself be the Tongan your family wants you to be then done your dream will come true then your have made your hole country proud but it only comes down to you.You have to change your life only you can change it only you make your dreams come true believe in you and friends also family be the strong Tongan you are never give up you have a dream unlock it and Now every ones happy remember why your here, Be the true Tongan everyone thinks you are and be proud in what your doing never stop also push forward and you will get were you need to be.Remember MMT All day

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Noah.I:Statistics and probability

My name is Noah this presentation is about somethings that can be possible or impossible.Also there are things like likely unlikely and chance this presentation also tells these things as well.Let me give you an example possible:means things that you do for a example things that you do can be possible some people say it might be possible if you believe well don't do that because it either possible or not.

Next is Impossible:Impossible is when you likely want to do something but It can't be possible if that makes sense.Another thing about Impossible is that if you want to jump off a tall tower it's Impossible to survive And I'm pretty sure No one can survive a fall. Now the next one is Likely:Likely is something that might happened like possible but possible it can happened but likely is something that MIGHT happened chocolate you might likely have chocolate everyday if that makes sense or if you have another resin then yeah. Second to last is unlikely:

Now Unlikely mostly means things might not happened or just sometimes your just not going to get what you want like pretend your a little kid then if you wanted a 5,000 two remote control car but your mum or dad doesn't have the money then you might think that your family will never get the money to buy what you want so that's what unlikely is about.Now last is Chance: Chance is about you even a second go on something or having a second chance of doing something good like Example if you wanted to go to jump world but you just don't have enough money then you would have a next CHANCE to get more money so you can go I think that's what chance means if not then I don't know or I forgot.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Noah.I Flounder blog Post

Today on Wednesday it was 8:30 I quickly got to class and the hole of team 5 had to sit in the street for something spaciest that we were going to.The hole school had to meet at the courts to make sure that everyone was there to head to water at the reserve just pass Riki road.Everyone was ready to start the walk we left at 9:00 the junior group or class went first then the seniors went last we had to go in our classes but some people just like to skip their class and join there friends.The walk we had wasn't so bad it wasn't so long so everyone didn't get sow legs and everyone got there safely.The walk was like a 2 minute walk maybe less but who knows it could of been more Next after the walk we had to walk on the grass it was a bit muddy but it wasn't too muddy also we can see all the people in the water already started to get the flounder I think it's a type of fish maybe it is.We were only there for a minute and a half I don't know all I know is that it was short like we went there sang 2 waiata and did a karakia for those who are helping getting flounder for us also Tyson was down there helping as well.Now after that we started to head back but instead the seniors left first this time because we were at the back so we had to leave first and i'm pretty sure that The walk back was a lot faster then to the place maybe because we left first the walk to the reserve wasn't really bad but it was pretty boring because it was short.After we finish walking back from the reserve everyone went to there classes and got back to our work then there was only an hour left until morning tea.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Noah.I My Ikan test results

My name is Noah.I This photo is about my IKAN test I will be sharing you just the places that I have improved on I have improved on number sequence next I have improved on is my basic facts and my fractions has gone better but still need work on it.The last one is place values That's the one that I need help the most but I'm trying to work it out my self this is my IKAN test results.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Team 5 speech Finals

On Friday there was a team five speech finals.Everyone had sit down in two straight lines in the street.The number of students that had to present at the speech finals was 15 students three from each class.One of the speeches that I like was David F his one was about music saying that he wanted for the school to let students play music while learning. another one I like was Danial her one was about her dad taking drugs and how it's not good for you and how her dad past away that was like my grand dad he past away doing drugs and drinking was so sick that he died.Another one that I think i really like well I can't name them I thought that all of them were good I really liked all of them they were good that I couldn't decide which one was best.All the students that presented there speech were great they were very good. Danial one was sad because it reminds me of my grand dad.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Friday, 18 August 2017


Hi my name is Noah this is a photo oh my profile my profile says what i want to do for my family and for me My family is my dad dream I have to become in the all blacks because that's what? my dad wants to be but he got Injured in a training now he can't play rugby so I'm going to take over and then after that i'm going to become a famous you tuber.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Christian and Noah.I I wonder questions

This presentation is about All me and Christian question about our solar system.This will show some of our questions and answers to what? we think about our galaxy.Like what is the moon made out of, is the American flag still on the moon because it's could be old or it could be broken down.There is also does the moon affect the Earth and it really does how it affects is that the moon gravity pulls on Earth's oceans and distorts them causing tides and More.

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Today my group cookies was making pencil holders so we don't lose anymore pencil.But these are just any pencil holders we are going to make different types of pencil holders.First we have to make sure it works so we need to make a model of the project then that's when the designing comes in we can put all or different design for the cup holders our group desire on making is EMOJI faces then once that's done we can just add more design.Most of our team came up with other ideas.After that we should be all done then maybe if we finish to fast we can make something Elsa but pencil holders is what we all came up with first so we have to make pencil holders.

Friday, 9 June 2017

My teams creation

Today Me and my group Cookies are going to be making a Cup holders for the pt England school for all our pencil and so we all have pencil too use and we don't lose anymore or try to steal any pencil.Were going to make a pencil maker because everyone at school is always fighting for pencil so were going to make a pencil holder or a pencil cup to put all the pencils inside all we need is paper, and something to make the cup in and next is paint then it's going to be design after that it is all finish make sure you tell us what your ideas is.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Today i'm going to share all about my I KAN TEST.My I KAN Test i got like a 20 out of 40 all together what i'm going to say about my score is that i did pretty well for this year because I got an 8 for the last year but now I get the last one now that I'v been learning a lot from miss tele'a and all of the teachers inT team 5 now with there help i'v mange to get higher then I got before but you know what I always say we can go even higher.My next goal next in college is to make sure  to pass my tests with the teachers help I think i'll pass college and move on.Al it takes is to work hard and never give up because you give up you will fail your test so make the most of it and work very hard.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Noah introduction to statistical investigations

Today I finish a presentation called introduction to statistical investigation.This presentation is about PPDAC It means p: problem p:plan d:data a:analyse c:Conclusions.Now i'm going to tell you all about PPDAC  p:problem problem is like something having trouble with something P:plan planing is the next step of how to solve the problem D:data is information that you can finding things. A:analysis is like finding out all information you have and putting them together And last C: conclusions conclusion is the final step to finding your final answer to your massive or small problem and that is My presentation for this week Finding Information.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Noah word problems

 This is a presentation called word problems it easy at the start but it will get harder at the end.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Jelly bean challenge

Today my class was learning about Technological process all we did was to make something out of tooth picks and jelly beans all we had to make was a box or something that can hold a book that was the challenge.So first we have to brainstorm ideas to work out how to do this challenge also we had to get in a group of five in order to do this.Then we research to find some ideas of how to make it or how you think it was going to work.After that we and to plan and design that was most of the easy part all we have to do was to find out how much stick and jelly beans we had to use in order to make this work.Last the fun part we have to build or create what we had in mine and hope that we had done it right and also make sure it works.And for the final we put it into the test to see if it works and it really works we got 1st place in the challenge our creation won the challenge all we did was made it big and wide but Not high also we add more then one tooth pick just to hold it we use two because more the tooth pick more the success in our project.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Noah how to make a weekend fun

This is a presentation is going to show what you weekend can be or how fun it could be.

Noah Simple and compound sentences.

This presentation will show about writing.This show you how to write sentences In a simple way or if you like to add more details a compound way.When your using a simple it's almost like the main idea of what you planing of writing.But a Compound sentence is like add more too what your writing or should I say to make your sentence sound more better.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Noah:Keta of knowledge poster.

This photo is showing My created post drawing for the keta of knowledge.What I have drawn is a little basket I called the knowledge of brave.  

Noah:What a disaster presentation.

This Presentation will show you to always make sure you be careful with crude oil.There are a lot of reason why you should never ever spill crude oil in the sea it's because sea birds most of the time fly down then there find themselves getting stuck.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Noah Ikan test blog post

This term My group Named Tapawha We did a Ikan test not that long ago Then we we finish tapawha and miss Tele'a went to go on our results and went to go checked were we went well and were we need more work on.They were all hard for us all but I think that the one that we all really struggle on was place value But I still think that we all did every well on the place value for our age but I think even more that we can go even higher to the year 6-7 level.So now my goal is now to learn the place value and if I do another Ikan test I'll be ready for it and I beat I would really get up to year 6-7.I want to make sure that next time I do a ikan test i'm 100 present ready for the ikan test.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Noah Place value

This event that I just finish is me learning my place values it’s very easy if you know were you putting the numbers in the right place also you can learning a lot if you just give it a try and take a look of my pice of work that I just finish and maybe you be worring about your work if your doing place value.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Noah Visual Mihi

Hi My name is Noah. and What i have created was a visual Mihi all about me and as some people would about your life.This image shows all the things about me and my life or i should say what i do. This visual mihi will tell most of the things about me but not all the thing and also the most important things.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Noah why people need to drink water:

Today i finish why people need to drink lots and lots of water because water good for you in different ways or maybe people have different ways of using water the way other people use them.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Noah Sequencing Finding a rule

Noah why we should drink water

Why people need to drink water
Remember the T.I.I.C structure.
Title - What you will be explaining
Introduction - Tell your audience what the topic is about and what is to be explained.
Information - Explain the elements or steps in a logical sequence
Conclusion - Final summarising statement, an evaluation or comment about what you have explained.

Why People Need to Drink Water


1st element


2nd element


3rd element




Friday, 3 February 2017

Noah our treaty

Pt England school did this little treaty to all kids around different school to tell them how much working is good for you.  

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Noah UPS poster.

This image will show year 5 & 6 students to encourage them through reading. by sticking up for other peoples mistakes keeping there heads up to succeed in what there capable in doing.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


My blog post.

Kia ora my name is Noah I’m a year 8 for Team 5 for pt England school.  My goal for this year is to do well or try really hard in my school work. Not to stop trying and keep working very hard so I’m ready for college.  

I want to pass my reading writing math Maori tests.  Now the teachers that are going to help me pass are Mr Wiseman, Mrs Ilaoa, two new teachers Ms Tapuke, Mrs Judd and my favourite teacher - my aunty Mrs Tele’a.  

I’m going to tell you which teachers are going to help me with my reading and writing also maths so that is only.  Miss Judd the new teachers she is going to be my reading and writing class teacher and for maths it's Mrs Ilaoa. But overall it’s Mrs Tele’a as she is my home class for the start of the day.  

Now that you now know my goals for 2017 I’m going to tell you what we do for our class rotation first reading class. My group reads a book, then we get questions for that book to answer but  we write it on our Chromebook. Now for writing we just normally writing like a lot of writing or like we write our own stories.