Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Chris and Noah If I had a million dollars

If I had a million Dollars at the Mall

I woke up by a dream of money i found lots of  hundred dollar notes. So i rushed out of my bead and asked my mum and dad i found lots of hundred dollars.

then my mum and dad took me to the mall and I first, stopped at Toyworld  and i brought lots of lego figures for my cousins and i brought me a drone and some batteries.

then i went to Kmart and i brought some clothes and some baby clothes for my little cousin

thats a baby, so then i brought them all at the checkout  so i still had lots of money so i had a brake so i went to pita pit  then i carried on shopping then i had my last five more  hundred dollar notes so i went to the last to shops and i went to foot locker and brought me some shoes and went home.   

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