Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Simon cat

-Simon cat

Today in the morning simon cat was getting hungry and need something to eat.So the cat had to try its best to wake up his owner then one time the cat thought that the cat woke up simon he was so close to waking up the man but then he fell back to sleep so now the cat had to try and wake up simon again.Now the cat was back to jumping on the bed or hopping, leaping, or playing on. It to wake him up.Then the cat got him to have a little bit of a shove then the cat got really hungry so he got the bat went for the hit and then the owner or simon woke up but the cat was asleep then woke up and said to simon Im hungry and I want something to eat the end.



Entry the forest of dead

-Entry the forest of dead

Today on this day is the day that me and my best friend chyrus goes for a hike to the forest to get to the other side for a swim .We left in the morning and got to the forest at 10am.But when we got there we already heard sounds then we entered but 2 min later we just heard scream then we got scared so we turned around but we were already in the middle of the forest and we needed to get out.So we run all over the place but it was to big that when we went to talk to find our way out but we lost each other So I called out  but no answer so tryed to fine each other but one of us found light and ran to it but I got Court by slenderman.Then later on Chyrus just found the light that I found and ran for it but he saw me and stoped to get me out of the tree. But he turn to his left and saw that slenderman came out of nowhere went after chyrus then quickly tried to get me out but then chyrus was to late so he had to run for his life and he just made it out but I died in there with the monster or slenderman and that is Entry the forest of dead The End.