Thursday, 26 March 2015

Noah year 5 and 6 camp

At pt england school the 11 of march yr5 and 6 camp was on wednesday.Every body had to bring all these things on tuesday t.shirts,shorts,shoes,sleeping bag,pillow,swimming togs,towel,cutlery,toiletry,and pajama. so when it is wednesday we are all ready for camp.

Then when it was wednesday everybody had to wait in the hall because when need to wait for the teacher. then when the teacher came we all had to sit down listening for what we need to now. Then we find our tens then see how is your partner then pick up your bag and take them
to your tens.

Next thing we did was go and sit under the big tent down with our groups. my group name is honest squad and our leaders are rosalina and Tj. then the next thing was first
we did camp practice. Next we did was the activity when
we rollerblade,pipon,and basketball. then we went to eat
then get into our pajama then brush our teeth and go to

Then on thursday we went to kayaking next. but when we were at kayaking me and my friend we were the first to take a ride on mrs malouin speed boat. then we did the amazing race is when we go to a clue and it tal us were
to go next. then last we did cooking the girls went with
mrs jarman and the boys went with firestaff.

Now the last day friday is when we all camps go to mangere pools when we got to the pools there were
a slide,diving pool,and volcano pool. After the pools we head back to school grab our bags then wait for our
parents then head home.

my best part about camp is when we get to ride
in mr malouin speed boat.

Malama honua comes to manaia kalani

Today at Pt England school there is a visit from two wakas. They were coming in a very hot day and wet day from
the rain from yesterday.
The name of the waka that was visit our Pt England beach was called Hokule’a and Hikianalia.

To welcome the two waka visitors the whole School sings a waiata song to bring the waka to shore. Some of the seniors and the kids will be doing the actions while all of ass will be singing the waiata to bring the waka in.
The two waka called Hokule’a and Hikianalia was coming
from Panmure wharf to Pt England beach. 

While Pt England and other school was heading for the beach there was already one waka waiting at the beach. So the other waka was the waka we all had to bring in. When all the school was singing we had to stand up to sing the waiata.

After we calling in the waka we did a highfive to say goodbye. Then all the kids went back in the bus to head back to school. My best part is when we all called in the wakas in.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

my cool thing

My cool thing to do is to sleep over my cousin house
because whenever I sleep over my consin house
they always have cool games to play,cool place to go, cool toys to play with. But the best part about sleeping
over is the food because they always get pizza.
The part I really like is they game called infinity my

favourite character is iron man.

omaru creek