Friday, 28 August 2015

Noah the best fitness watch

Noah create a Difinition

Walt: skim and scan to find information

Today I have been learning about skim and scan to find information.So what we have to do is that we have to create a definition and learn about missing the bus.So what I mean is that we got to tall what is in the story like hurry so I got to Example from the text and then what is the opposite word? then parts of the word and then create your own sentence using the word and then last you got to leave and link of a photo to go with the story.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Noah Recount: Team 4 Trade Fair

WALT: add one main idea per paragraph

[This term we are learning about Trade and Enterprise. Our learning is all about create product and sale product for people and kids. There are 6 different business groups to sale in. To become a businessman or girl.

The trade fair is a little different but in trade fair you sale product but others you shop for it.And thing about trade fair it is a little bit fun then shopping be course you can ether sale your team product or you can go buying things then sale.but I think that sailing your product will be much fun and you can make more pt and more money.

For pt England school my business group is baking and my partner is Chris, Desmond, and hedgex and also baking is cool to do because you can have same before sailing. And that why I like baking business group is better than all the business group.

When our product has been finish we have to  think of what we have to make next. when we have our next thing to make we first sale the one we already finish and then we make the next thing and sale them.

For baking I hope people will buy our product and make a lot of money for baking. because the money we make in our groups it the hole team.

Chris and Noah If I had a million dollars

If I had a million Dollars at the Mall

I woke up by a dream of money i found lots of  hundred dollar notes. So i rushed out of my bead and asked my mum and dad i found lots of hundred dollars.

then my mum and dad took me to the mall and I first, stopped at Toyworld  and i brought lots of lego figures for my cousins and i brought me a drone and some batteries.

then i went to Kmart and i brought some clothes and some baby clothes for my little cousin

thats a baby, so then i brought them all at the checkout  so i still had lots of money so i had a brake so i went to pita pit  then i carried on shopping then i had my last five more  hundred dollar notes so i went to the last to shops and i went to foot locker and brought me some shoes and went home.