Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Noah summer learning jounney

I would go to Canada because there is some times snow one day and I like snow.Also another reason why I like Canada because I would like to know how to speak french and eat what they eat at Canada I beet that there food at Canada is very nice and maybe a lot cooler there too.There is a fun part and the best reason why I like going to Canada is that it says that it has a massive waterfalls and I very like waterfalls that's all the reason why I like Canada and hope I can go there one day or someday.Image result for canada flag

Noah prize giving day

                        Image result for school prize giving CLIP ART Prize giving
Last week on thursday there was the 2016 pt england prize giving happening at the hall.It was only for the year 5, 6, 7, 8, It might look short but it was very very long time sitting down waiting for at lease our turn to perform or for the prize giving to End.First thing we started off was with a good speah to start of the prize giving then oviese the maori kapa haka group treating to repursent our country or our school.Now all of that was done next went into the year 5 prizes and all the Items and specal awards that they were giving and don’t forget the lollie lays that everyone got with there prizes that was from there family and from teachers.Now it was time for the first event for a long time the year 5 prize giving performance The only information I’m going to say about year 5 performance dancing was that It was my favourite group and they had some cool songs like the old school songs there was one song I know was the PPAP song but other then that it was the best dance at prize giving.Now for the year 6 I think that the year 6 toke A long time for them to perform because because of all the prizes there were getting from maybe the past years or just the hard work they all have been doing for all these Image result for dancingyears so we had to sit there for a long time longer then we all thourght but the good news is that it wasnt very very long so that good.Now it was time for the year 6 performance There performance dance kind of made think for 1 mins is that at the end part there dance move was a little longer then i thought it will be because of how many times they were doing there last dance moves of there dance was kind of taking so long but you know what say it could be long or short it dosn’t matter how long or short peoples songs are.Well were half way there for the End of the 2016 pt england school year 5, 6, 7, 8 prize giving Next up was the year7 but first we had a little prizes the good thing is that we didn’t take long for our prizes to be handed out to us maybe because there wasn’t many of us that did that much things for pt england so our one was short prize giving then we went into our dance I’m really going to be real that our dance performance was really not that cool because of all the year 5 and 6 moves so I would've said that we were 3rd best dance at the prize giving.Now for the last but not lease the year8 I think the year 8 was the longest of getting there prizes because there was a little bit of the year7 in the year 8 prize giving prizes.Now Image result for last onefor the Last and forever the last performance the year 8 To be for real the year 8 was alright dance I won’t say it was the baddest but it look like they didn’t have many songs in their performance so that's why it finish short all I’m going to say about the year 8 short dance Make the most of it.Now for the last to finish our 2016 pt england school for year 5, 6, 7, 8 prize giving we ended with a song the strive to succeed song at the end we went home safe and happy.

My finals reflection about prize giving:

1.what i have Enjoyed?was the year 5 performance.

2.what are we proud of?I’m proud of all the energy that we put in our dance.
3.what will you take with you for 2017? I will take my chrome book because I like my chrome book.
4.special message to PES?I loved this school from the time I got here and I’ll be here next year.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Noah Coke and Mentos

Ch ch ch ch changes
Animation showing a chemical reaction 

Coke and Mentos
This animation has been made from hyper studio.
This video is about a science Experiment showing a chemical reaction 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Noah T.I.I.C Planning Sleeping Sleuths

Today what i have been learning is about sleep i have been writing about how much sleep you need and what time you need to go to sleep at the right time.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Noah T.O.P.S Rahi and the Patupaiarehe

This is a T.O.P.S work that my group has to do we had to read a book that will tell us all about it by putting the words that on the side into the right place in the title and Orientation and problem also solution there be words on the side that we have to fill in in the T.O.P.S.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Noah T.O.P.S best mates

Today what i have been learning was to put words in that will make scenes but you have to read the story before filling it in.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Gabriel Inia

Hey Gabriel It's Noah I'm happy that your in Tamaki and hope that your doing good and that you like it there maybe you can tell me some tips about what it's like there in tamaki college and i just remember that you and Saia Tukuafu are going some were but I just don't remember where you guys going good luck for your adventure and your task ahead and maybe i could be like you guys and going to different places in different places one more thing I'm going to say is that how is it like in tamaki and are the task hard I just really won't to know because when i go too college I will know how it feels but for now good luck with everything and hope you do more good things and that your doing lots lots lots of things and yeah.  

Noah Day 5 weekly Activities

Today class 3 year 7&8 were learning about lots of winter learning journey and what i'm learning about is one of the weekly Activities called day 5 weekly Activities.And it said to me which sports players do i choice out of these players we have Richie Mccaw (rugby player) Lorde (singer)  kane williamson (cricket player) Maria Tutaia (netball player) John key (Prime minister of new zealand And shaun Johnson ( league player) those are all the choices to pick from and it says that you have to pick one of them and im going to say that there all good but if i had to choice i would choice shaun Johnson because he is my favourite and I really like and I would like to be like him and also about is he is really skilled and he is really fast he's just my favourite i just think that he the best but there all good in there own ways but my favourite is Shaun Johnson he's just really really  really good at sports so that's my answer for Day 5 weekly Activities.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Making your own waka

Steps to making waka a.
Step 1: you need a piece of paper that flat like a waka

Step 2: you need to cut it out but trace it on a piece of card bored

step 3: Now as soon as you trace the flat piece of paper onto the card bored you cut the card bored out

step 4: When you cut out the trace on the card bored thats when you have to fold it to turn it into a waka

step 5:As soon as you fold the card bored into a waka you put a seat in to put your stick in.

step 6:Now that you done that you now onto the clue piece of news paper onto the waka once thats done you can put your stick in.

step 7: now that you have glued the news paper onto your waka you can start making a desing for your waka.

Step 9:When you finally done with your waka clued and making your desing you can now start painting you waka then make a mask for the finish tip then you should bee done that all the steps too making a waka
Finish step 

Friday, 8 April 2016


Yesterday all of pt England school had a Fiafia. Lots of people were their but when I got there it was like lots of people were still coming in but when it hit 6pm their were lots and lots of people their.And also was the time to go to our changing room my was senior hip hop so my class room was in room 17 our clothes we had to perform in was a Checker shirt, black pants, and black or white shoes.Now all we had to do was to wait tell 7pm because that is when the Fiafia and when we had to sit down and then that was when the Fiafia started the first group was the Kapa Haka was first they were great at dancing and I hope that they had fun.Then next was the band and it's like they were playing was like old songs or songs that lots of people know.Now was the group that had all the classic song and moves it was my group the senior hip hop group we had some funny dancers in there like Me, John, and Simon.I was hoping that people like our group and I hope that they like it to now it is time for the dragon dance and the China dance.First was the dragon dance then it went the Chinese dance they were dance good and hope they had fun.Next up was the Tonga group was up next they were very loud and nosey and they sound very proud of them sells.2 to last group was the samoa group I very like 100/100 because that is my country and cultures.And now the last group was the cook island drums and dancing.First was the cook island drums then it went to the dancing and one thing was funny was that the teachers was dancing up there as well and a another man ran up there and dances also.I really like this year Fiafia because there was lots and lots of good groups, dancing, and songs like the samoa song,junior hip hop and the cook island drums I really like that night and I wish that I can do it again I like Fiafia I like pt England school and I like my country and cultures also my favourite group was all the hip hop then samoa then cook island drms and dancing and tonga. Then my last one would be senior samoa group I love pt England school because the BEST!!! in the world and I just really like this school and the teachers as well.

Friday, 1 April 2016


Room 3 is learning about Identity that is like telling someone about your felling and what you care about.An other thing about Identity is that you also can hear what someone else has to say about there Identity or something about there felling.Two more things you should know about Identity is that do you have a half of Identity witch is like one half is about your good felling and the other is about your bad felling.One last thing you should know about your Identity is that it means it is all about your life and it is all about you.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Simon cat

-Simon cat

Today in the morning simon cat was getting hungry and need something to eat.So the cat had to try its best to wake up his owner then one time the cat thought that the cat woke up simon he was so close to waking up the man but then he fell back to sleep so now the cat had to try and wake up simon again.Now the cat was back to jumping on the bed or hopping, leaping, or playing on. It to wake him up.Then the cat got him to have a little bit of a shove then the cat got really hungry so he got the bat went for the hit and then the owner or simon woke up but the cat was asleep then woke up and said to simon Im hungry and I want something to eat the end.



Entry the forest of dead

-Entry the forest of dead

Today on this day is the day that me and my best friend chyrus goes for a hike to the forest to get to the other side for a swim .We left in the morning and got to the forest at 10am.But when we got there we already heard sounds then we entered but 2 min later we just heard scream then we got scared so we turned around but we were already in the middle of the forest and we needed to get out.So we run all over the place but it was to big that when we went to talk to find our way out but we lost each other So I called out  but no answer so tryed to fine each other but one of us found light and ran to it but I got Court by slenderman.Then later on Chyrus just found the light that I found and ran for it but he saw me and stoped to get me out of the tree. But he turn to his left and saw that slenderman came out of nowhere went after chyrus then quickly tried to get me out but then chyrus was to late so he had to run for his life and he just made it out but I died in there with the monster or slenderman and that is Entry the forest of dead The End.