Tuesday, 28 November 2017


 This writing recount is about the big news last week on Saturday between TONGA VS ENGLAND I don't know how but England mange to beat Tonga but might be recalled a rematch from the final try in the last second one of the England player strip the ball but it was recalled a knock on so that's how Tonga lost the score was 18/20 to England it was a really good game but sadly Tonga mange again to lose.This writing I did was to talk about the lose Of Tonga and a little bit of writing in my own words telling the Tongan to be who they are and how good they can be or how good they already are.They need  show that they are the best team So this is to the Tongans Never give up, always believe in yourself be the Tongan your family wants you to be then done your dream will come true then your have made your hole country proud but it only comes down to you.You have to change your life only you can change it only you make your dreams come true believe in you and friends also family be the strong Tongan you are never give up you have a dream unlock it and Now every ones happy remember why your here, Be the true Tongan everyone thinks you are and be proud in what your doing never stop also push forward and you will get were you need to be.Remember MMT All day

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