Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Able to swim

You have to learn how to swim because if you don’t you could get in big trouble swimming so you have to learn how to swim.To learn how to swim you can learn with your mum and dad or you can go to swimming school to learn how to swim so you don’t drown.You have to swim every day so you can get better and better at swimming.To swim you got to learn how to float first before learning how to swim. When you can float then you can swim. First we do  backstroke, next we do is sidestroke and then we learn breaststroke. Last of all we do overarm. When you are on a boat the most import thing is wearing a life jacket . It is good to learn how to swim because you can be safe in the water.
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  1. Hi Noah, I'm from Pennsylvania in the United States! I read your post about swimming and really loved it. I never had swimming lessons when I was younger, but we will definitely have our kids take them when we have children of our own. Thanks for sharing what you know!