Thursday, 26 March 2015

Malama honua comes to manaia kalani

Today at Pt England school there is a visit from two wakas. They were coming in a very hot day and wet day from
the rain from yesterday.
The name of the waka that was visit our Pt England beach was called Hokule’a and Hikianalia.

To welcome the two waka visitors the whole School sings a waiata song to bring the waka to shore. Some of the seniors and the kids will be doing the actions while all of ass will be singing the waiata to bring the waka in.
The two waka called Hokule’a and Hikianalia was coming
from Panmure wharf to Pt England beach. 

While Pt England and other school was heading for the beach there was already one waka waiting at the beach. So the other waka was the waka we all had to bring in. When all the school was singing we had to stand up to sing the waiata.

After we calling in the waka we did a highfive to say goodbye. Then all the kids went back in the bus to head back to school. My best part is when we all called in the wakas in.

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  1. It was a memorable day. It was nice to see that people really do follow the manaiakalani stars to navigate, and our cluster of schools are named after this hook shape in the stars.