Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Noah market day

This term the hole year 6 & 5 was doing a products business group so we are ready for our market day. There was lots of business group for the market day there were about 6 groups for the market day for year 6 & 5 business.The 6 business are toys,drums,bans,baking,shopping,and more those are the 6 business group for the market day.Then in our group we have to make our products ready for our market day.

This term we had business group for our market day coming up. This term to show our cool creations at Pt England school to show people how we create our products and sell them when we are done with them.The groups in different business to make people proud of what we were created for the market day.To create our products you got to get into 3 or 4 partners to do your products for our market day this term.My partners are Chris,bobby John,and Desmond those are the 3 patters I have for my business group to create our products for the market day this term. And also that there are 6 business group for people to buy from there is guns,bans,drums,baking,shopping,and more but my business group has to do is call most of the people to come and buy our products and project so we can make more money by call them over.  

To set up our classroom room we put up decorations set up the tables then we have to put up our products that we have created. There were so many tables set up for the market day because there are lots of people who want to see our creates that we have made for the market day this term.

This term the year 5&6 were ready for the market day to start When everyone was ready the market day started And there were lots of people there for the market day to come up.When lots people were there everything went fast like all of our products was gone.

When the market day was still going we all had our products gone really fast because there were lots of customers there in the beginning so lots of our products that we had was gone pretty fast. And also that there were also late people that came in.

When the market day was done that's when the people went home with the things that they buyed at the market day at pt England school.And also that we made a lot of money from the market day that was in pt England school.

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