Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Making your own waka

Steps to making waka a.
Step 1: you need a piece of paper that flat like a waka

Step 2: you need to cut it out but trace it on a piece of card bored

step 3: Now as soon as you trace the flat piece of paper onto the card bored you cut the card bored out

step 4: When you cut out the trace on the card bored thats when you have to fold it to turn it into a waka

step 5:As soon as you fold the card bored into a waka you put a seat in to put your stick in.

step 6:Now that you done that you now onto the clue piece of news paper onto the waka once thats done you can put your stick in.

step 7: now that you have glued the news paper onto your waka you can start making a desing for your waka.

Step 9:When you finally done with your waka clued and making your desing you can now start painting you waka then make a mask for the finish tip then you should bee done that all the steps too making a waka
Finish step 

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