Wednesday, 1 February 2017


My blog post.

Kia ora my name is Noah I’m a year 8 for Team 5 for pt England school.  My goal for this year is to do well or try really hard in my school work. Not to stop trying and keep working very hard so I’m ready for college.  

I want to pass my reading writing math Maori tests.  Now the teachers that are going to help me pass are Mr Wiseman, Mrs Ilaoa, two new teachers Ms Tapuke, Mrs Judd and my favourite teacher - my aunty Mrs Tele’a.  

I’m going to tell you which teachers are going to help me with my reading and writing also maths so that is only.  Miss Judd the new teachers she is going to be my reading and writing class teacher and for maths it's Mrs Ilaoa. But overall it’s Mrs Tele’a as she is my home class for the start of the day.  

Now that you now know my goals for 2017 I’m going to tell you what we do for our class rotation first reading class. My group reads a book, then we get questions for that book to answer but  we write it on our Chromebook. Now for writing we just normally writing like a lot of writing or like we write our own stories.  

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