Monday, 28 August 2017

Team 5 speech Finals

On Friday there was a team five speech finals.Everyone had sit down in two straight lines in the street.The number of students that had to present at the speech finals was 15 students three from each class.One of the speeches that I like was David F his one was about music saying that he wanted for the school to let students play music while learning. another one I like was Danial her one was about her dad taking drugs and how it's not good for you and how her dad past away that was like my grand dad he past away doing drugs and drinking was so sick that he died.Another one that I think i really like well I can't name them I thought that all of them were good I really liked all of them they were good that I couldn't decide which one was best.All the students that presented there speech were great they were very good. Danial one was sad because it reminds me of my grand dad.

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