Thursday, 10 December 2015

camp bentzon

The last weekends the year 6 of pt england school went on camp bentzon on kawau island.To be able to come on to camp bentzon kawau island is you need to get you things and be at the school on time.And when you make it on time with the bags you left the after day you get everyone bags and take it to the bus ready for us to get ready to get to kawau island.Bye the time that we have pack the bags we got on the bus but there was no chirs left on the bus so there was two bus for the hole rist of us to fit in and the teacher and adults.then now every thing is load up we were ready to go to sandspit to get on the boat.Ready for the time we got on the boat but first  we ate something first the boat gets here and also that there ather people on the boat ready to go home we group off the old man who lives in a little island then we went to kawau island to group someone els.

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