Thursday, 10 December 2015


What I did last weekend I went to rainbow end for my sister birthday.Who was there was my sister friends and my aunty. I was so excited because I have not been there tell I was 5 years old.When I got there I was very excited when we parked up the lined was so long it went to the road but lucky that my aunty was close to were we had to get our tickets from and one more thing that rainbow end look defend then the last time I went there and that was a long time I have been to rainbow ends.Then what happen next was that we were in side to get our tickets then we went inside and the first ride I went on is the new ride but the ride I really wont to go on is the go-kart because I wont to see what it fill like to dive.Then the next ride is the Fair fall I fell like it wont be scared but then when you come down it fell like you are going to keep  falling then you  fit the ground you slow down and one thing is that it was the 2nd scared ride I had yet.Then we were going to a fun ride and that was bumper boats then we went home I had fun because iv not been there for a long time.

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