Friday, 8 July 2016

Noah Day 5 weekly Activities

Today class 3 year 7&8 were learning about lots of winter learning journey and what i'm learning about is one of the weekly Activities called day 5 weekly Activities.And it said to me which sports players do i choice out of these players we have Richie Mccaw (rugby player) Lorde (singer)  kane williamson (cricket player) Maria Tutaia (netball player) John key (Prime minister of new zealand And shaun Johnson ( league player) those are all the choices to pick from and it says that you have to pick one of them and im going to say that there all good but if i had to choice i would choice shaun Johnson because he is my favourite and I really like and I would like to be like him and also about is he is really skilled and he is really fast he's just my favourite i just think that he the best but there all good in there own ways but my favourite is Shaun Johnson he's just really really  really good at sports so that's my answer for Day 5 weekly Activities.

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